Dec 19 2011



This is an interesting game as well as fun in Bejeweled puzzle.

Where you should be able to arrange colorful items that are provided to congregate into three colors so you can make a point.

Only with speed and accuracy you can guess all the existing puzzle.

Supported with good graphics and navigation controls are easy to play games.

Support with LCD resolution 176×220 pixels.

Try to play The Bejeweled here, install and get this game on your handphone.

You can get here : Bejeweled

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  1. carolyn mccainon 21 Jan 2013 at 2:55 pm

    I purchase the game bejeweled on my telephone and the game didn’t work I can’t move the gems around like I want to the game doesn’t work at all the price of the game was $5.99 I downloaded it on my virgin cell phone if someone can email me or tell me how to get the game working I would appreciate it very much, I do know how to play the game I have a virgin mobile telephone and If the game is not compatible with the telephone then I want my money refunded.

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